Our Mission is create equal opportunities and empower every vulnerable child to unleash their potentials for transformation and ethical leadership.

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My foundation envisions a world where every vulnerable child is Educated, Empowered, Protected and Respected to make decisions that affect them as well as contribute to the development and transformation of their community..

Objective 1

To increase the enrolment and retention of students especially girls in schools
To reduce rural-urban migration from 70% to 10%.
To minimize if not solve completely teenage pregnancy.

Objective 2

To reduce dropout rate of girls in schools.
To change the life situation of poor girls through education.
To initiate communities to advocate for (poor) girls to have access to education and training opportunities.
To economically and financially empower young women.
Theory of Change

My topmost priorities for my foundation are; to establish a library facility with a counselling centre to; continue to support vulnerable children with educational materials; and to support other young women into vocational skills training. These strategies will eventually, help empower girls and other vulnerable children to realize their dreams and become powerful change makers and as well serves as solutions to the many problems in their respective communities, Ghana and the world at large


As part of my engagement under the foundation, I organize a yearly award ceremony for best performing students, I mentor girls during after-school clubs, and I provide educational materials to some underprivileged girls. I believe these interventions will help improve academic performance of students, boost students’ aptitude for learning, compliment the effort of teachers in the improvement of academic performance of students, and uplift the standard of education in the locality. 


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